Fiberjacket Hose FAQs

What is the Aqua Joe® FiberJacket Max Hose?

The Aqua Joe® FiberJacket Max is a superlight, durable and compact hose that resists kinks, twists and tangles. Unique to this hose’s design is its rugged, marine-grade fiberjacket construction that makes it 50% lighter, yet 3X stronger than conventional hoses. Plus, its special fiberjacket material won’t scratch, scuff or snag delicate surfaces and it’s weather- and mildew-resistant, so you’ll never have to handle a heavy, hot, grimy or slimy hose again. Durable aluminum fittings complement the hose’s sturdy construction and provide for reliable connections for hassle-free watering.

In what hose lengths does Aqua Joe® FiberJacket Max come / What is the hose diameter?

Choose between 25-foot, 50-foot and 100-foot AquaJoe® FiberJacket Max hose lengths to best accommodate your outdoor watering needs. AquaJoe® FiberJacket Max features a standard 5/8” hose diameter.

Is the water flowing through an Aqua Joe® FiberJacket Max safe to drink?

Yes, AquaJoe® FiberJacket Max is drinking water safe and is free of harmful toxins, inlcuding BPA, lead and phthalates.

What is burst rating and how does it relate to the durability of a hose?

Burst rating is the maximum pressure measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) needed to cause a hose to burst open. While a standard 25-foot 5/8” diameter garden hose will burst at about 200 PSI, AquaJoe® Fiberjacket Max is burst-rated to withstand 600 PSI, making it 3 times stronger than conventional hoses.

Does the Aqua Joe® FiberJacket Max Hose come with a warranty?

Yes! The Sun Joe Steamer is backed by our 2 year warranty.